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The end of the combustion engine  Mobility transition now!


Bicycle star ride & demonstration at the gates of the International Motor Show (IAA), 14 September 2019, Frankfurt/Main


Bigger and bigger cars with more horsepower and higher fuel consumption—these are the stars of the International Motor Show (IAA) in Frankfurt. Crooked car companies celebrate their powerful SUVs and gas guzzlers while the German government applauds. Instead of taking the climate crisis and the emissions scandal seriously and ensuring that urgently needed measures are imposed, Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer continues to protect the automobile industry.

But we the citizens are sick and tired of transport policies fixated on cars. A mobility transition could turn our world into a completely different place. We could have playgrounds instead of parking lots; promenades instead of seas of cars; intelligent use of renewable energies instead of climate-damaging petrol and diesel, clean air instead of hazardous emissions; we could ride bikes safely and enjoy stress-free travel on buses and trains. The German government can now set a new course: This year’s climate protection law must speed up the mobility transition!

When the IAA opens its doors to the public on 14 September, we will be there with many thousands of people demonstrating for a swift mobility transition: We’ll take back the roads with our demonstration and bicycle star ride. We’ll come on foot, by bicycle and by train to show policymakers and the automobile industry what the mobility transition looks like: Clear the way for climate-friendly mobility! Compliance with the Paris 1.5 degree target is not negotiable!

Bycicle star ride

A bicycle star ride with participants from the entire Rhine-Main region will take us to the gates of the Frankfurt trade fair grounds.

Protest march

Buses and trains will also bring demonstrators from all over Germany to Frankfurt. The protest march starts in the city center and ends at the gates of the IAA.

Kidical Ride

Parents and children on bycicles will join us in a Kidical Ride, supported by Kidical Mass Frankfurt. We’ll all gather at the Frankfurt Trade Fair Tower for a large closing rally.

Our principal demands:

  • An immediate phase out of combustion engines

  • Climate-neutral mobility by 2035

  • A robust Climate Protection Law by late 2019 to ensure that the 1.5 degree target is achieved.

  • Priority for pedestrians and cyclists and a massive increase in bus and train services

  • Introduction of a maximum speed limit of 120 km/h on the autobahn, 80 km/h outside built-up areas and 30 km/h in built-up areas

  • Efficient electro mobility instead of big electric SUVs

  • Clean air in our towns and cities